Sell software WU bug 4.2 new or lease with a term

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Sell software WU bug 4.2 new or lease with a term

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 22, 2015 8:31 pm

We sell $800 for software WU bug 4.2 ( software 4.2 + Key )
and lease with a term
$ 140 for lease with 7 days ( software WU bug 4.2 + Key )
$ 280 for lease with 15 days ( software WU bug 4.2 + Key )
$ 500 for lease with 1 month ( software WU bug 4.2 + Key )
Contact we support if you want to renew lease.

* These frequently asked questions:
How can I buy it? And How can i got it?
- We accept payment through Money Perfect, Bitcoin or Wedmoney.
- After confirmation of payment from you, we will send you an e-mail have file compression, after decompression and you will get the details of the BUG

The software is safe? and what must I do to be safe when using the software BUG?
- All is 100% secure, we make sure with that the user.
- The software is pre-installed on VPS server powerful, and hidden by the fake IP. Your IP always be changed frequently in the process you use BUG software . This will help you become invisible, and no one can find you.

I am a not good at computer, so I can use it?
- You do not need to be a good person or a computer hacker, software created for everyone, it is simple to use.
- We will guide you to 100% using the software through the teamview on your computer screen

How if the software does not work or have a problem?
- We support 100% the during the software you use.
- Replacement 100% new software or refund your money if the software have any problem.


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